Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Another new mix

I was in a slightly odd mood when I did this one.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New mix up from Myself and Vincent Duff

We have been doing a bit of Dj'ing together of late so we thought we may continue it.

Recorded live in our kitchen whilst drinking Gin & Tonics and entertaining friends!


Wednesday, 14 September 2011


So I watched this documentary on the weekend called 'Knuckle'
I am not entirely sure why the fuck I bothered even watching it to the end.
It follows a bunch of Irish travellers who punch the shit out of each others faces over the course of 12 years. I can't believe the guy who made it could even be bothered trailing the idiots for that long. Every now and again, he puts some emotional music over the top to try and get us to feel for these thick-as-pigshit wastes of oxygen. Or perhaps to take stock of the human condition or some such.
The story basically is, that 12 years ago something horrific happened which caused 2 traveller families to have a rift between them making them stage high stake, bare knuckle boxing matches for years to come. Each family will choose a champion and then make a completely idiotic video of their champion, yelling, cajoling and challenging someone from the opposing family to a fight. Usually there is money involved. These fights solve nothing even though these complete fucktards believe they will somehow and the family feuds continue on for years afterwards anyway. Sometimes the feuds get worse because of them.
The only hook in the whole stupid, idiot hole of a film was finding out the reason the two families had been feuding so long in the first place.
As it turns out its a remarkably shit reason.....although I don't know what the fuck I was expecting by this point. Turns out, one family member had died when a member from each family had had a fight. So lets get this clear. Instead of thinking rationally and stopping fighting, they organise more regular and dangerous fights. Then pontificate about how at least their families feud for a good reason, better reasons than some wars according to one of the toothless, drool holes one of the idiots has on what is left of his face.
(He may be right.....but still)
These people seriously need to stop marrying their sisters. The collective intelligence of every single person in the documentary, plus all the kids they will ever have, plus all of their kids, and all of their kids etc, etc, etc, etc would be about equal to the massive amount of fecal matter that was blocking the right hand side cubical in the top floor toilets at work the other day.
I couldn't quite help feeling like we would be better off without these people on the planet.
Unless you to are a fucking idiot I would avoid this film like eyeball herpes.
Remarkably, it got reviewed quite well. Which just makes me think my earlier statements about film critics are all true. Cunts. They say its a 'Remarkable insight to a secretive world'
People are pretty secretive about going for a shit too, but I don't want to watch that either.

Herzog would have made a great doco about this.*

*thanks James